Is it about sex and aggression??????

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The group understands the psychology of new recruits all too well. But do we?

Syrian Women Know How To Defeat ISIS

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To the Islamic State, Syrian women are slaves. To much of the rest of the world, they are victims. It’s time we expose their real identity: an untapped resour…

Women drivers in Afghanistan

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“Although there are a growing numbers of women drivers in Kabul, the sight of Shahidy behind the wheel is still unusual. Everywhere she goes, she gets curious stares and frequent harassment, ranging from people making fun of her for driving to threats.

Despite the risk and danger, Shahidy says she loves to drive. Besides, she said, she faces more harassment when she walks or takes public transportation.”

The sight of a woman driving a car in Afghanistan is still rare, but more of them are reclaiming their freedom of mobility.

An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims

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Pakistani-Canadian writer Ali A. Rizvi has written this interesting piece, which I think it is worth sharing.  Enjoy…..

My favourite paragraph is:

“The word “moderate” has lost its credibility. Fareed Zakaria has referred to Middle Eastern moderates as a “fantasy.” Even apologists like Nathan Lean are pointing out that the use of this word isn’t helping anyone. Islam needs reformers, not moderates. And words like “reform” just don’t go very well with words like “infallibility.”

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Female U.A.E. Airforce Major Fighter Pilot Mariam Al Mansouri,

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UAE’s female fighter pilot leads bombing mission against ISIS.

Major Mariam Al Mansouri, the UAE’s first female fighter pilot lead a Strike Package of F-16 Block-60 air crafts to destroy ISIS targets in Syria.

Epic Pictures from Jordan.

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If you are interested, Please Join This Wonderful Community that shares Epic Pictures from Jordan.

المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية
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Saudi outrage over a female football fan

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A woman filmed cheering for a Saudi team has been watched almost 400,000 times.

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