Is it about sex and aggression??????

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The group understands the psychology of new recruits all too well. But do we?

Syrian Women Know How To Defeat ISIS

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To the Islamic State, Syrian women are slaves. To much of the rest of the world, they are victims. It’s time we expose their real identity: an untapped resour…

Women drivers in Afghanistan

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“Although there are a growing numbers of women drivers in Kabul, the sight of Shahidy behind the wheel is still unusual. Everywhere she goes, she gets curious stares and frequent harassment, ranging from people making fun of her for driving to threats.

Despite the risk and danger, Shahidy says she loves to drive. Besides, she said, she faces more harassment when she walks or takes public transportation.”

The sight of a woman driving a car in Afghanistan is still rare, but more of them are reclaiming their freedom of mobility.

An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims

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Pakistani-Canadian writer Ali A. Rizvi has written this interesting piece, which I think it is worth sharing.  Enjoy…..

My favourite paragraph is:

“The word “moderate” has lost its credibility. Fareed Zakaria has referred to Middle Eastern moderates as a “fantasy.” Even apologists like Nathan Lean are pointing out that the use of this word isn’t helping anyone. Islam needs reformers, not moderates. And words like “reform” just don’t go very well with words like “infallibility.”

Read the article here

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Female U.A.E. Airforce Major Fighter Pilot Mariam Al Mansouri,

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UAE’s female fighter pilot leads bombing mission against ISIS.

Major Mariam Al Mansouri, the UAE’s first female fighter pilot lead a Strike Package of F-16 Block-60 air crafts to destroy ISIS targets in Syria.

Epic Pictures from Jordan.

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If you are interested, Please Join This Wonderful Community that shares Epic Pictures from Jordan.

المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية
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Saudi outrage over a female football fan

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A woman filmed cheering for a Saudi team has been watched almost 400,000 times.

The Arab Family

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From Wikipedia the importance of the Arab family is reviewed:

Social loyalty is of great importance in Arab culture. Family is one of the most important aspects of the Arab society. While self-reliance, individuality, and responsibility are taught by American parents to their children, family loyalty is the greatest lesson taught in Arab families. “Unlike the extreme individualism we see in North America (every person for him or herself, individual rights, families living on their own away from relatives, and so on), Arab society emphasizes the importance of the group. Arab culture teaches that the needs of the group are more important than the needs of one person.”[20] In the Bedouin tribes of Saudi Arabia, “intense feelings of loyalty and dependence are fostered and preserved”[21] by the family.[22] Margaret Nydell, in her book Understanding Arabs: A Guide for Modern Times, writes “family loyalty and obligations take precedence over loyalty to friends or demands of a job.”[23] She goes on to state that “members of a family are expected to support each other in disputes with outsiders. Regardless of personal antipathy among relatives, they must defend each other’s honor, counter criticism, and display group cohesion…”[23] Of all members of the family, however, the most revered member is the mother.

End of Wiki review.

The Arab Students / Scholars themselves deeply felt the emotional and psychological loss of their family’s socio – cultural personal and very private support structures while studying in America; this explains the ease in obtaining results of each interview.

Thus what was discovered:

The Arab family unit within urban settings are becoming less cohesive and the internal structures are further weaken by movement of its significant and well educated members to other Arab states, the dream destination being Dubai, or other parts of the country. Cell phones and IPods, as a result,  are becoming increasingly more important to the family connection. The loss of connections, and without the technologies of electronic communications, is where the Islamists are gaining ground and it has revealed the real importance of Arab traditional family cohesion for regional stability.  None the less, and in addition to the importance of advancing electronic [ Which includes the Internet and Facebook. ] has likewise developed a means by which alternative social and political views have found a secured base [ Or untilvarious Arab regimes are able to developed technologies which can spy on them.] for free expression.

The discovery of the emotional connections between child and mother reveals the totalities each Arab mother dedicates herself for the benefit of her children; this is her way of compensating her loss of living a life of her own rights and interests expectations – a career. The attentions in constant communications with her children and its impact is mirrored in the emotional personality of her children, and is magnified by her son. In the meantime the father pursues earning incomes to make his family secured and healthy. Often enduring humiliation necessary to maintain the family’s income by those who he works for; the only practical social – cultural personal outlet compensating his masculine emotional recourse is the Mosque and its field of sharia limited base of social solidarities; thus becoming a man and a father. Depending of the living conditions each family becomes a single independent cultural unit and its base in maintain its privacy is one of the very few opportunities its members have in freedom of  internal expression.

There have been reported family incidents in which a member will render an art work only for the amusement of the family which would be considered provocative by sharia, and thus, as it would be understood by its members by the arts inception, and later will be destroyed by fire. In other reports about upper middle class families, especially in Saudi Arabia, the female members will immediate change of dress once they enter and pass the gates of the family’s compound into contemporary fashions or forms of exotic dress – sheers see -through forms. What this indicates is the family unit is the only personal shield to freely express oneself, which is offered within the despotic regimes of the Arab World, as well as an escape from the very formal sharia.  Moreover, and extracted detailed admissions by Arab Students / Scholars, their Arab family has been in direct competition with the Islamist clergies for influence over the emerging generation of Arab young adults; the key factor these clerics have been a success is in the exploiting emotional losses of connections and  socio – cultural graces shielding of the Arab family – by their residential change of movement behaviors, or the emotional loss of the mother.

The Arab family which stays together, physically, is the single most important element of Arab stabilities.  Everything with respects of social, cultural, spiritual, and political stability are likewise dependent on its cohesion. The rise of the Islamists within the Arab world have benefited by its incremental loss of its cohesive core; the displacement of the mother to the imam is the radicalization being implemented in Gaza.  I.E. deplacing the mother’s role in bridal selections.

Thus beating within the loving hearts of Arab sons exists an Arabic feminist revolution to place their mothers importance and views within public policies over the interests of the Islamists.

American Experiences and Arab Self-determination.

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There are real existing fears by several Arab regimes of what is happening within the virtual academic freedom of American campus academic life upon its Arab Students / Students enjoying its highly charged “creative” influences.  To a very large degree they should feel nervous.  As a result several Arab organizations who are — in the main — are Arab governmental initiated, have embedded social – political observers within the Arab Students / Scholars academic core to spy on their activities and measure their Arab regime loyalty by very specific campus sponsored events in which their participation is mandatory.

I.E. During the 1970s:  The General Union of Palestinian Students became one of the most powerful campus embedded groups who within New York State academia have dominated and controled Arab Students / Scholars campus social,cultural,and political programs.

The off – campus scene, however, is radically different in as much as their numbers who are going off campus as an alternative activity are too many to follow and report on.  Moreover, in unreported instances, the embedded observers were handed server warnings by those Arab Students / Scholars who have powerful and politically connected parents to the Arab regimes leadership not to bother them off – campus, or else; there were incidents in which knives were wielded; these observers, as a result, largely stayed within the safety of the campus domain.

In nightlife activities in venues such as the Maple Leaf Night Club on Niagara Falls Blvd. they met attractive women who were impressed with the provocative nature of their overall foreign persona and accents in speaking English mixed with Arabic.  In the course of time relationships were formed and how they happened enhanced the personalities of those Arab Students / Scholars who did not exhibit control over their engaging female dates.  Those who were controlling lost out of the end benefits of developed relationships, sex. Nonetheless, those who were not controlling were received most warmly the full benefit.  Interesting enough during the development of these relationships, the Arab Students / Scholars felt they had to contact their mothers or matriarchs back home for some lite form of permission, and at the same time leaving out the issue of sex.  The reaction from their moms, who immediately knew sex was involved, the American they met was considered in their view being conditioned by cultural and social forms of humanistic jihadi, and thereby  the resulting developed relationships are the future brides of Islam.

No matter the circumstance mentioned by consenting relationships, the individual Arab Student / Scholar unexpected’ly activated very deep suppressed emotions, contradicting their latent social fears/anxieties, and their innate beliefs of oneself, ego, as direct opposite of the nature of sacrifice and servants of Islam, and / or the despotic regimes back home.  The immediate focus was the individual discovery that something was wrong with sharia, and possible Islam itself. The nature of this critical element in their one going transformation of their personalities were magnified further from a minority of this group revealed their suppressed emotions and trauma of their previous unreported  experienced early sexual molestations [ Thus the Vatican is not the only one with a problem. ] around the ages of 11 to 13 YO back home to their concerned American girl friends; these incidents, as noted by their American girl friends, and their associated traumas emotionally emerged at the approach to and by sex , likewise, gave more vivid details of the emotion impact of the suppression of Arab societies struggling to survive under despotic regimes; this also noted the central cause ” for ”  the further suppression of women’s rights by fears of rape acculturate in their social behavioral discourse, not necessarily to control Arab women, but to use them as objects to suppress the natural sexuality of the Arab male.  Nonetheless, and certainly notwithstanding, the element of how these non – controlling developed relationship gave rise to personality traits and drives for more personal freedoms which were not necessarily self – esteem centered but how personal success was achieved from not trying to control their relationships, and that these relationships were successfully formed by mutual consent.

Sharia, as reflected by the interviews at this time, gave vivid and awsome conclusion that the physical feature of the female presence and form within Arab/Islamic society. especailly in urban street scenes had to be kept away from, and separate from the public view of men.  The fear and anxieties involved by the social, cultural, spiritual – political leadership reflected  the very, very real resulting impact the female form would have in stimulating innate male drives, personal esteem,  and additional male traits which are the support underpinnings of masculine individualities.  The danger to their leadership is their knowledge that the male adult would realize that there was nothing wrong in his innate agressive drives, and that by such realization he further recognizes by his close associated experiences by how his mother nurtured his emotional development,  that what ever the resulting fantasies he experienced by viewing women, it is how he acts on them is where the true nature of dignity of his persona as a man is derived as an immediate consequence of awareness of his importance to and of self-determination; thus rejecting those, both Islamic-Sharia, and political leadership stratum who seek to control the out come of his behavior and life-to deny him of his manhood.  This is central to an ongoing development of Arab aethism.

It was from this experienced formulations of the personalities involved in mutual consent which gave immediate personal conformation to ones innate emotional drives to evolve and modify the organization of ones personality by self – determination.  Then on campus their behavior became more silent to maintain privacy about the developing relationships, while those imposed controlling interest in developing relationships became more political centered, even to attempt to doninate their fellow Arabs whom in silent were laughing at them.

The transformation in which the Arab personality develops into full personal commitment to ones rights to self – determination is directly modified by consenting private relationships. This has impacted the Arab Students / Scholars into two distinct and individual groupings.

One:  Those who are not controlling in developing personal relationship, which may or may not include sex have the tendency to kept their relationships private are more tolerant of differing views.

Two:  Those who are controlling and who in most instances lied about their  personal relationships and from which are likewise denied sex as a result are more public in bragging,  yet lying about having sex, and about their personal relationships successes – including whether such relationships ever existed-another words they are the frustrated virgins.  Thereby, their campus activities became more politically militant and to become socio – political supporters ” for radicalization of Arab societies” and thereby sought to be the assigned Arab observers [ IE.One:  A Palestinian elected as the President of The Arab Student Organization ,SUNYatBuffalo.]  [ IE. Two: Those who were thus assigned, or elected, and who were Palestinian were immediately conducted into the Palestinian Liberation Army as future NCOs and Officers during the following summer camp military training before returning to campus to study. ] as an attempt to personally compensate for the lost of a girl friend, and blaming her as well; their spark of hatred of America, and early entry into Arab political societies.

Consenting relationships with an American are the present influences which are impacting,now [IE. The Arab Spring – They were spotted in news reports about Cairo by the American and European media. ] and developing political cultures independent from what previously existed.  It is in the importance of privacy where self – determination of ones personalities is the basis of being personally independent which rejects controls including sharia with mixed emotions about the nature of Islam.  This indicates by the interviews themselves taken, that the majority of Arabs are Moslem by default, and where further adherence to Islam is controled and dictated to maintain one’s belief in Islam, or if ” not ” by sharia/imment domain statues they will lose all they own including their own lives.

What really caught me off guard is the simple yet highly emotional act of sex by consent which indicated the real human value of self – determination.   Arab Liberation??????

Arab Religious Calendar for 2013 to December 2014.

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Below are listed Public Holidays for the January 2013-December 2014 period.     2013 01-Jan-2013 New Year’s Day 24-Jan-2013 Milad un Nabi (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad) 06-Jun-2013 Lailat al Miraj (Night of Ascension) 08-Aug-2013 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) 15-Oct-2013 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) 04-Nov-2013 Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year) 02-Dec-2013 National Day         2014 01-Jan-2014 New Year’s Day 13-Jan-2014 Milad un Nabi (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad) 27-May-2014 Lailat al Miraj (Night of Ascension) 28-Jul-2014 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) 04-Oct-2014 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) 25-Oct-2014 Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year) 02-Dec-2014 National Day


Muslim festivals are timed according to local sightings of various phases of the moon and the dates given  below are approximations. During the lunar month of Ramadan that precedes Eid al-Fitr, Muslims fast during the day and feast at night and normal business patterns may be interrupted. Some disruption may continue into Eid al-Fitr itself. Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha may last up to several days, depending on the region.

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